Shall I eligible to use the brand?


What does we expect from its business partners?

We expects dynamic, enterprising people with strong business acumen, strategically placed location and sound financial position to run the business smoothly.

What is the prime requirements to qualify for a franchisee?

The prime requirement is location. You may ask our friendly Business Development Officer to help you in identifying a good place to do this profitable business. Your location should be easily approachable from the vintage points of your city.

Do I need a commercial place only?

No, your place should be easily approachable, possibly near schools or college in thickly a populated area. It may be semi-commercial/commercial/residential place.

From where shall I get the technical staff ?

We understand the importance of technical staff, thus the corporate office helps you locate the right technical profile.

May I appoint other staff members?

Yes, you may appoint your technical staff, thus the corporate office helps you locate the right technical profile.

Who will appoint other staff members?

The company gives you freedom in appointing all staff members other than technical staff. The company does provides training in such cases.

Who will approve my site and when?

Place of business will be approved by the respective Corporate Office only after accepting your application along with requisite money.

What will happen to my application money, if it get rejected by the company?

If company rejects the application, your application money would be refundable without deduction or interest on it.

Where should I send my application?

You can forward your application to respective Regional Office or Corporate Office.

How should I pay my application money?

You should always pay in the form of demand draft in favour of Apical Projects Inc. Payable at Agra.

Will my application money be adjust towards license fee?

Yes, your application money will be adjust with the license fee immediately after your selection.

May I apply if I do not have space?

Yes, you may apply. You need to assure us of the time require by you for arranging a place suitable for the business. You will be selected only after approval of your site.

Does approval letter prove my right of being selected?

No, you need to enter into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) immediately after getting approval letter within 15 days.